Buyer Focused Selling


Equips your sales people with the skills required to sell more effectively in today’s competitive marketplace.
Following a repeatable, scalable and verifiable sales process, your reps are better enabled to:

  • Initiate opportunities at decision maker levels
  • Identify decision maker business goals
  • Understand prospect’s current situation and measure its cost
  • Propose only the parts of your offering that can help your prospect achieve his/her goals
  • Help prospects understand requirements for successful implementation
  • Gain mutual agreement with decision makers on what has to happen in order to make an informed purchase decision
  • Document efforts comprising the buying cycle to maintain control, keep senior managements in-formed and allow forecasting at an opportunity level.

The Buyer Focused Selling sales methodology is transferable and can be mapped to forecasting milestones. The process can easily be learned, implemented, monitored, coached and adjusted.

Buyer Focused Selling trains your reps to :

  • Prospect more effectively
  • Diagnose prospect’s needs with a bias toward your offering
  • Reach the right person with the power to buy
  • Eliminate “no decisions”
  • Hold the price without losing the sale
  • Shorten sales cycles and close faster
  • Eliminate peaks and valleys in their pipeline
  • Prepare an accurate sales forecast

Following our comprehensive sales methodology, your organization benefits from increased revenue and improved forecasting accuracy. Margin improvements come from shorter sales cycles. More effective marketing campaigns are created. Costs of sales management and administration are significantly decreased due to the implementation of repeatable objective processes.